Should I follow instructions from pop ups on my computer or call the phone numbers shown on screen?

No. Those are fake numbers, usually belonging to someone in a call center in India trying to persuade you that they want to help you or sell you services. They will lie to you about the condition of your machine in an effort to con you out of money. 

Why do I keep getting these pop ups?

Pop ups can be a result of several different causes. Some are worse than others. Pop up’s can result from the following: Clicking bad links to interesting stories on Facebook, clicking on bad links in search results whose results are usually altered by browser add-ins or plugins, visiting adult websites, visiting unsecured websites that are missing licenses and from installing programs that are mistaken as useful software such as map programs and email programs. 

Can you fix my computer if my files got encrypted?

In rare cases we can recover files in some instances in the case your files have been encrypted, most of the time, they can’t be recovered. NEVER pay the ransom for encrypted files, 9/10 times they will NOT give you the key to unlock them and your system is already compromised. 

How can I get rid of a pop up stuck on my screen?

Hold down the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys all at the same time, click on Task Manager down at the bottom of the new screen, make sure once the task manager opens you click on the Processes tab at the top, left click on every browser name you see, (you’ll see the little symbols as well for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.) one at a time and then click on End Task for each one. This will close all browsers windows one by until it goes away. In some cases you can reboot the pc even though it tells you not to. It is perfectly safe to do so.  In the case of  Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 you may need to delete the browsing history or the pop up will just return. 

How do the subscriptions work?

Subscripts require you pay an upfront ONE TIME enrollment fee. The payments can either be broken down into 3 monthly payments or you can pay it all at once up front. In addition it is your responsibility to maintain a monthly service fee, in order to retain our on call services. 

Is a subscription worth it?

If you think you’d wind up needing your pc serviced regularly, it will more than pay for it self. On average after calling us for service about 3 times, the service pays for itself in terms of how much it would cost you to pay a standard fee to a technician each of those 3 times.

Do I need anti-virus protection?

Absolutely. Known anti virus big names like Norton, McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky, etc are a must. It also helps to purchase an anti-malware such as Malwarebytes, as well as install pop up blockers in your web browsers. A combination of those 3 things will make your internet surfing much safer.  It’s important to note that those things do NOT provide you 100% protection. There is no foolproof combination of software to keep your pc 100% safe. Keeping your pc safe requires an individual to be responsible with their online habits. 

Can you troubleshoot tv’s and other electronic equipment?

We can only connect to pc’s over the internet. Anything else would simply consist of professional and knowledgeable phone coaching. We can help walk you through connecting most devices such as printers and tv’s to your wireless network and we can walk you through your network topology to make sure you have things wired correctly. We can walk you through setting up email on iPads and iPhones, etc, but we cannot interface with them directly over the internet. 

My wireless connection keeps dropping, why?

A wireless network has constantly changing variables.  Wireless networks broadcast over short wave radio frequencies. Those frequencies can become interrupted, and some routers or gateways (combination modem&router) are set by default to change what frequency they broadcast on automatically.  They have 11 different channels just on the 2.4 Ghz  band, generally the best channels to use are 1, 6 and 11.   The other band (5Ghz) is typically meant for media streaming and usually requires your device be in the same room as the router or gateway.  5 Ghz is able to stream faster internet but at a much shorter distance than the 2.4 Ghz band. 

How can I tell if a program is bad for my computer?

It’s generally a good idea to either install the app from Should I Remove It? or to use the search box on the top right corner of the page to see if a program is bad or not. Using that site’s rating system, anything over 45% is deemed potential malware and should be removed.

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